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PE Device Simulator and 4.0

  New security device

Starting with version 4.0 of PE Design / Paletté / Deco Wizard Brother has changed the security device for their software. Brother now uses a dedicated dongle to prevent software piracy instead of using the card module for this function.

The new security device Brother uses is a HASP4 dongle manufactured by Aladdin ( These dongles are amongst the best in the world. For thecnical details please see the Aladdin website.

What does this mean to the users of PE Design / Paletté / Deco Wizard?

Users need to have the dongle attached to their computer whenever they want to run Layout & Editing or Design Center. It needs to be attached continuously as it is not only used at startup, but also lateron for example while saving a design.

Users who own two or more computers need to move the dongle from one to the other when they switch computers. If you don't want to do this, you can buy an additional upgrade to 4.0 which includes a dongle.

What about the card module?

The card module no longer has to be attached to your computer when designing. Version 4.0 can use the original card module to write your design(s) to a blank card. An upgrade of the card module to support the 4 megabit (512 Kbyte) cards has been announced. Owners of the Ult2001, Ellageo, Galaxie 3000 can also use floppies in which case there is no need for a card module. Alterntively one could go for PES2Card. PES2card can handle up to 8 megabit (1 MByte) cards. PES2card can also write Viking cards. PES2Card supports all currently known rewritable embroidery cards including the new Brother blank card.

It should be noted that PES2Card can read and write card #57 which is cheaper than the Brother 4 megabit blank card. Card #57 is actually the same as the Brother 4 megabit blank card except that it contains designs.


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