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PES2Card - Card Module Working

  PES2Card utility is also useful for people who don't have a card module. For users who want to write designs to media other than a straight copy, a working card module is a must. There can be all kinds of reasons why a card module doesn't work; some are obvious, some are less obvious. Here is a not exhaustive list.
  • Card module not powered on
  • Card module hooked up to a different port than the user expected
  • Lead between card module and PC broken
  • Lead between card module and PC loose
  • Card module defect
  • ...
There is an easy way to work out whether the card module is working or not:

WorkingNot Working
Workingnot Working

The difference between the two dialogs above is that the two middle buttons are greyed out on the not working variant. These two buttons require the card module to be working.

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