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PES2Card - 2.00.011 info

  Release 2.00.011 has added functionality and improvements that want a bit more elaboration.

Singer XL100

Reading of cards for the Singer XL100 embroidery machines was already possible in an earlier release. This release implements writing of cards for the Singer XL100. As usual, you can write any of the supported embroidery formats directly to a card for embroidery on the Singer XL100.
Apart from the capacity of the card, there are 2 more restrictions (at the moment).
1. the number of colors per design is (currently) limited to 8 due to restrictions of the XL100 display.
2. the number of designs per card is 36, which is 12 folders with 3 designs each.

1. PES2Card does NOT impose a limitation on the number of stitches
2. PES2Card does NOT impose alimitation on the hoop size. The usual hoop size warning will be given when a design is larger than the hoop you specified under Settngs.

Singer XL1000

For the Singer XL1000 the following restrictions apply (due to the card storage algorithm):
1. the number of colors per design is limited to 16.
2. the maximum number of designs per card is 6.
3. the maximum number of stitches is approcimately 30.000.

It is intended to lift at least restriction 3 in a future release of PES2Card utility.

Version 2.00.010 showed positioning problems when you wrote more then one design to an XL1000 card. These problems are now corrected.

Artista color information

Bernina has announced firmware version 4 for the Artista 185/180/170 and 165 and for the 2MB and 4MB embroidery modules. One of the features in this firmware version is that color information is displayed on the machine. PES2Card utility will produce this color information on cards written for Artista. The color information will be taken from the designs you write to the card. For designs that don't have color information, like DST, PES2Card will generate colors from the default thread chart.

Part of the new firmware is a color mapping facility that enables you to map colors from the information on the card to another thread chart. The Artista firmware supports Isacord, Sulky, Madeira and Mettler. You can specify in the Artista Setup which one you want. The default is Isacord. In order to see the color information on the card, you can set this option to None.

NOTE: There is no color information in EXP files written on ATA cards for the Artista 200. EXP files don't contain color information.

Artista rewritable cards

There are 2 types rewritable cards for Artista machines:
1. Personal Design card
2. Other rewritable cards

Form version 2.00.011, PES2Card distinguishes between PDC cards and other cards. PDC is the PDC for Artista 185/180/170/165. This PDC can also be used in the Artista 200!
The PDC for Artista 200 is an ATA card and falls in the other cards category.
The PA29C040 card is compatible with the PDC and is included in the PDC category.

The difference between PDC cards and other cards is that you can write designs on the Artsita machine to the PDC where you cannot do this with the other rewritable and/or preprogrammed cards. From 2.00.011 you can now add designs to a personal design card written by PES2Card3 given there is free space on the card and the number of designs on the card is smaller than 15. The 15 is a restriction of the machine display, not a restriction of the card.
When you try to add a design to a card written by PESCard3 using 2.00.010 or earlier, you probably will overwrite the first design on the card.

Design Transfer

This new function will transfer the selected design to an external application.
The rabbit is still in the hat here, but will come out of it soon.
I have seen the rabbit
The feature will be documented further when the external program is released.


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