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PES2Card - Questions & Answers

Q: How does PES2Card compare with the Magic Box?
A: Click here for a comparison of the PES2Card features with the features provided by other card modules.

Q: Are the Viking 1+/Rose and Brother, Babylock, Bernina Deco and Simplicity flash memory cards the same?
A: Yes, they are. Embroidery cards that have the same chip type are physically the same. Stitch encoding for Brother and Viking is completely different.

Q: Can I use the same card for both Brother and Viking?
A: Yes, 512K cards can definitely be used for both Brother and Viking. 1M cards are tested to be working for both Brother and Viking. In order to use a 1M card for Viking, designs need to be written twice by PES2Card.

Q: Can I write PES files to a Viking enbroidery card?
A: Yes, you can write intermixed all supported file types to a Viking card.

Q: Can I write HUS files to a Viking card?
A: Yes, all supported filetypes can be written to Viking cards.

Q: Can I use PES2Card with Viking Cross Stitcher?
A: Yes, Viking Cross Stitcher can save designs as PES files which can be written to Brother and Viking cards.

Q: Do I need to buy a blank card for PES2Card?
A: If you have a card listed here, you can re-use this card. If you don't have such a card, buy a compatible one from the list, get the designs off and use it as a blank.

Q: Can PES2Card read card #34?
A: Technically yes. However, this card has been blocked by Brother for most certainly valid reasons. Without asking what these reasons are, we honour those. PES2Card will inform you that such a card is a protected card. A Brother representative has recently confirmed that one is only allowed to embroider those designs, not to load them in a computer.

Q: Will PES2Card allow one to overwrite Brother pre-programed memory cards?
A: The answer is some.
There are two types of Brother pre-programed cards namely card #1 thru #42 and #43 upwards + the cards that are sold via Brother Embroidery Boutique. The low numbered cards are not overwritable.

Q: Will PES2Card allow one to overwrite Viking pre-programed memory cards?
A: No; however, cards pre-programmed by Great Notions can be overwritten.

Q: Where does PES2Card store designs?
A: In the directory displayed in the directory field. You can change that to any directory using the Browse function. The Browse functiona also allows you to create a new directory and specify a prefix.

Q: The card does not fit all the way into the slot. Is it supposed to?
A: Half of the card will go into the slot, the other half of the card will stick out.

Q: Why does PES2Card not search for the COM port the card module is connected to?
A: This can interfere with other equipment connected to COM ports like graphical tablets. It might make them stop working.

Q: What is the default COM port PES2Card uses?
A: COM1.

Q: How do I find out which COM port PES2Card is connected to?
A: Via Settings you can set the COM port. Card Information will display the message "no card in reader" when the card module is hooked up to the COM port given in Settings or information about the card. Otherwise a message stating "Device not responding" will be displayed.

Q: Can the Babylock cards be written to?
A: The answer is some. Babylock sells the same numbered cards as Brother. These are read only. Most others can be written to.

Q: Is PES2Card available for USB ports?
A: Yes, new technology has been released by FTDI that made it possible to come up with a USB model of PES2Card.
For owners of a RS232 model: there are converters for sale that convert USB into RS232. The Sitecom USB to serial converter is tested to be working.

Q: Does PES2Card break the Brother code on the Snoopy card?
A: No; PES2Card recognises the protection, so there is no reason for breaking it.

Q: Does the PES2Card package include a new box?
A: Yes.

Q: Does PES2Card replace my current PE Design card module?
A: No. One still needs it to open Layout & Editing and/or Design Center.

Q: Why doesn't PES2Card come with a programmable blank card?
A: Because you probably already have a compatible programmable card. To check the list click Here.

Q: Does PES2Card require (PEDS) PE Device Simulator?
A: No simulator required.

Q: My machine in not manufactured by (Brother, BabyLock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity). Why do I need Pes2Card?
A: With Pes2Card and your machine's software along with a conversion program (Buzztools or Smartsizer) you can access the wonderful and relatively inexpensive Babylock, Brother, Bernina Deco or Amazing Designs memory card library of designs.

Q: Will PES2card allow me to write more stitches to the Brother programmable cards that hold 55,000 stitches?
A: No, with PES2Card you can write the same amount of stitches to a Brother blank card as PE Design can.

Q: I have palette. Can I use this too?
A: Yes. The use of PES2Card is independent of PE Design, Deco Wizard or Palette. PES2Card does what its name suggests: write .PES files to a card. You will also be able to read Viking cards and write your designs to Viking compatible cards.

Q: Can I use PES2Card with other embroidery machines than Brother?
A: Apart from Brother, PES2Card can be used with BabyLock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity machines. Viking and Husqvarna machines are also supported.

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