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PES2Card3-SE - Information

  PES2Card3-SE (PES2Card3 Second Edition) is the next generation of PES2Card hardware.


The functionality of PES2Card3-SE is more or less the same as the functionality of PES2Card3. PES2Card3 users don't have to worry that their card module is outdated as PES2Card3 already supports all embroidery cards available on the market except Janome 10000 cards.

Differences between PES2Card3 and PES2Card3-SE:
  • PES2Card3-SE no longer needs a power supply
  • PES2Card3-SE supports reading and writing of Janome 10000 cards
  • The housing of PES2Card3-SE is smaller
  • PES2Card3-SE has only a USB connector

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