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The download area for PES2Card Utility has moved.
You find the most recent version of PES2Card Utility (2.31.109) here.

At the bottom of this page you find the last version of the PES2Card utility
  • double click association in Buzz Tools
  • facility to inquire total stitch count.
  • support for Hyundai HY29F080
  • support for Viking and Husqvarna
  • bitmap preview images displayed for PES and PEC files.
  • copy design images to and from clipboard
  • Support for 1M cards for Viking (512 K usable)
  • Corrected bug while writing Viking card when multi position PES file had more than 3 designs.
  • Support for USB on pc's
  • Full support of multi position designs for Viking (P1,P2,P3)
  • Design limit lifted from 35 to 102 designs
    or 34 multi position designs for Viking
  • Support for Amazing Box card BHMC-FLASH
  • Support for Embird file association
  • bitmap sets of designs displayed
  • Viking designs read are always 100*100
  • copyright notice made persistent
  • Properties page on the Read Card dialog (? button), includes option to set sewing area from "design page area" to "design area"
  • Bitmaps are generated for designs read from Viking cards.
  • Support for writing of cards with Atmel AT49F008 (requires level 3 firmware).
  • Corrected bug in writing 100*100 designs to Viking cards.
  • Properties page now also shows graphic
  • Write HUS files directly to Viking and BBD cards.
  • Write PEC files to BBD cards.
  • Properties page also includes colour picture for HUS files.
  • Write SHV files directly to Viking and BBD cards.
  • Write PCS files directly to Viking and BBD cards.
  • Support for writing of both types of Atmel AT49F008 (AT49F008A and AT49F008AT, requires level 3 firmware).
  • Write SEW files (Janome) to Viking and BBD cards
  • Write PHC files (Brother floppy format) to Viking and BBD cards
  • Write DST files (Tajima) to Viking and BBD cards
  • Write EXP files (Melco) to Viking and BBD cards
  • Write XXX files (Singer) to Viking and BBD cards
  • PE Design 4.0 support
  • Support for multi designs (PHC) and 160*260 hoop
  • Extended hoop size warnings
  • Save design as PEC for all compatible designs.
  • Support for HY29F040A
  • Support for Brother 512K card read AND write (using MX29F400T) (writing requires firmware level 4)
  • Erase card function
  • Fixed bug in applying sew2pec color table
  • Design no longer aligned on center when design doesn't fit in hoop because of it.
  • Sometimes temporary files were left behind
  • New hoop 110*110
  • Graphics facility (only works when card module hooked up)
  • Dot (.) in directory name was no longer allowed for BBD files
  • Improvement in disk not ready
  • Size + stitches in graphics
  • Additional protection against wrong bitmap in PEC file
  • Covered for PES files with negative coordinates
  • Support for JEF files
  • Confirm when reading cards.
  • Cosmetic changes in font and icons
  • Message after PEC file is written
  • Introduced work directory
  • Color sequence on properties
  • Read/write dialog now pushed above task bar
  • Improved com port selection
  • Properties dialog now has previous and next
  • Screen print of properties screen on default printer
  • minor bugfixes for DST, EXP and PCS files
  • Corrected error in Set Area
  • Support for Macintosh Pfaff PCM and PCS files
  • Download button on About dialog
  • Protection against running PES2Card twice
  • Introduced pen for drawing bitmaps
  • Improvement displaying of SHV, PHC, PEx, XXX, SEW and JEF
  • Display special bitmap for design without stitch data
  • Minor bugfixes for SHV, PHC
  • 130*180 hoop now handled correctly for HUS files
  • Multiple corrections for PES designs from various sources that crash Ellageo/Ult2001
  • Fixed bug where Design area was larger then design page area.
  • Support for Tajima DSB files
  • Support for E28F004 (new Brother blank card)
  • Support for MX29F800
  • Protection against truncated PEx designs
  • Automatic 90 degrees rotation if that fits the hoop
  • Display improvement for EXP files
  • Support for new USB PES2Card model
  • Set background color for designs
  • Printer now selectable
  • Support for com5-com8
  • Support for SHV files created by Artista
  • Preview in Browse and Add dialogs (module owners only)
  • Fixed bug for HUS files who fit 130*180 hoop
  • Card #25 no longer marked as color 0 protected
  • DST files with negative MinX and/or MinY corrected
  • MHV browser, see all designs on a D1 design disk in one shot
  • Configuration for Buzz Tools and Embird file associations
  • When a design to be written to a viking card doesn't fit the hoop, it's centered.
  • Improved SHV positioning

Download PES2Card Utility

How to download the PES2Card Utility update to your hard drive?
  • Create a temporary folder (ex. C:\Temp) on your PC to save the update program file to be downloaded
  • Click on one of the download links below. (Select the appropriate language)
  • Select the previously created temporary folder (ex. C:\Temp) where the downloaded file should be stored.
  • Download the file.
How to update your PES2Card Utility?
  • Double click on the downloaded "pes2card-en/ge/fr/nl.exe" file from Windows Explorer. Or go to Start menu on the Task Bar, select Run, press Browse, select the temporary folder and type "pes2card-en/ge/fr/nl.exe" in the open box, click OK. The installation process will automatically start.
  • Follow the instructions and proceed through the installation process.
Once the installation process finishes, PES2Card Utility will be updated and ready to use.

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