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RS232 connectors

Computer has,
PES2Card needs
PES2Card has,
Computer needs

USB connectors

Computer needs PES2Card needs

The choices
When you have only one computer, determine from the pictures above which connector configuration suits your needs. You do this by examining your computer and figuring out which connector will fit into your computer. Pick the model that matches the connectors.

For multiple computers the choice is more difficult. Following the procedure above, you can figure out what connectors will fit into your computers. If the result is, that they are all the same, pick the model that matches the connectors.

Now what if you end up with different connector sets?
You now need to consider your requirements: Do I want to be able to hook up the card module to any of the computers? Do I normally do design work on one and card writing on the other? More to be considered...
After evaluating your requirements you normally end up with only one connector set and the choice is clear.

What if you buy the RS232 model and you get later a computer that doesn't have RS232?

There are USB to serial converters on the market.
USB to serial converters were for a while, due to restrictions in those, not supported by PES2Card. The PES2Card utility currently avoids those restrictions and supports USB to serial converters for PC's. The version of the PES2Card utility has to be 1.01.006 or newer.
There is quite some variation in USB to serial converters. We have qualified a couple.
List of qualified USB to serial converters:
- Belkin F5U103 USB to Serial
- Sitecom USB to seral converter
If your USB to serial converter is not in the list, please contact us.


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