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PES2Card - HUS2Card Information

  HUS2Card, yet another product one might wonder. Don't we have enough of those already?

The answer is simple: HUS2Card is one of the new feature suggestions issued by existing PES2Card users. Existing users who own both BBD and Viking machines would like to be able to write HUS files directly to Viking cards without the need for conversion software. A feature like this would make writing designs to any BBD or Viking card more easy. Also, existing Viking users would like to be able to write their native embroidery design format (HUS) to Viking cards.

Q: What is HUS2Card?
A: HUS2Card is the PES2Card card module combined with a new version of the PES2Card utility.

New features in the PES2Card utility:
  • write HUS files to Viking cards
  • write HUS files to BBD cards
  • write PEC files to BBD cards
  • write HUC files to BBD cards
  • show design properties for HUS, HUC, PES and PEC files (including graphic)
The properties function is available as a freebie. Just download the PES2card utility. Install the utility and press the Read Card button. select the design you want to see the properties of and press the Properties button in the top right corner of the dialog. You will see a new dialog similar to the one below.



The PES2Card utility is available for free download.


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