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PES2Card(3(-SE)) - Customer Feedback

  Feb 3, 2000
This past week-end I had occasion to need several designs on a memory card. I used the soon to be released (This week or next!) PES2Card. Now this is a black box, too. However, it differs in that it allows one to reprogram some preprogrammed cards and will hold many more designs than our original memory card. I loaded all the designs I thought I might need onto one card .... about twenty designs! I was using the smaller size (Stitches) card, too! Of course, I can use any embroidery format by converting to pes and loading all pes designs.
PES2Card can be purchased through:

Betsy from Wine Country
Feb 20, 2000
I have just bought PES2Card and its brilliant - much better than the brother reader / writer. If you go to you can find out more about this utility. I have had it for 2 days now and its briliant. I like the way you can get the information from the card and rewrite on preprogrammed cards and also I LOVE the way you can write to card from different directries you can have one design from a folder called "designs 1" and one from "my designs" etc. Its really good and I think theres and introductory offer on in the statesatm....
I would recommend buying it as you can fit so much on one of those 512k or 1mb cards!

Ben, 15, Hartelpool UK who is enjoying P2C
Feb 25, 2000
I got the PES2Card yesterday and got it installed today and it works great. I happened to have one of the 512K disks (Baby Lock Noah's Ark) and have copies the designs off of it and used it to transfer designs. Sure gets a lot more designs on it. I have sent an order in for some of the larger (1M) disks to use also. Thanks for the service.

Miriam in Lacey, WA
Apr 3, 2000
Yea! I finally got my box and it worked right off (we always hold our breath when installing new stuff). I love it. I wrote 10 designs to the card right away - it was great!
Well worth the money!

Dianne Maugh
Apr 13, 2000
I got the PES2Card recently and I really like it. It works like a charm, and now I can use the *thousands* of designs I've been collecting. So far everything has copied over and stitched out just fine. It's very clear I need Buzz Tools to organize everything now!

Slinky HorseWear
May 17, 2000

Before I have always been asking for help. Now I have something I want to share. I bought the PES2Card from Sewstuff after much thought. I was so tired of getting 3 to 5 designs of Brothers card. I have had it for about two weeks and finally got it hooked up. (DH was on strike, said too many gadgets) I loaded the Amazing Design card which is 1 M and got 438,521 stitches. Yes, I added up all the designs I loaded which was 31.
I loaded Sunset Threads Sunbonnet Girls Days of Week, Mothers Day Set, Fall Collection 1 and 6 of the Southwest Ladies. Before the most I could get on Brothers card was 4 or 5 of these designs.
I have sewn out all 7 of the days of the week and they are beautiful. I want to say a big thanks to Jos Timmermans for developing this box.

July 12, 2000

I really appreciate all the answers you have given. Your web site is especially helpful and informative. Your competition never wants to give customers this sort of information. The Magic Box is appealing because it can be used with more machine brands, but I will buy yours because of the customer service I have received and the information you supply on the site. It shows your professionalism and your appreciation of what consumers desire to know in the way of product research.

August 2, 2000

The PES2Card has opened up the embroidery world to me - before I was so limited, now I have about 4,000 designs I can use! I had been saving them for a year and a half, planning to get the software, but this is nice and quick; I can just pop the card into the box and write the designs on it.

October 20, 2000

I appreciate the PES2Card Utility you allowed us to download to convert PHC format to PEC. I tried it last night and it was great. This allows me to use the designs from the machine in a grouping with other designs or change the size more than can be done on my machine.

October 26, 2000

I love PES2Card. Thank you so much for all you did. Like I said, more people should stand behind what they sell. I will be telling everyone about you and PES2Card.

Sandy Jess
  October 27, 2000

PES2Card appears to be a really great program, and one that everyone would have wanted to begin with.

December 24, 2000

The PES2Card module was one of the BEST investments I've made this year!
And you have gone out of your way to "fulfill our every wish" in making it more useful and usable. I'd buy your PES2Card module (black box) over any of the others that are out there. And I really appreciate the technical support you give when ever needed.
Thanks so much for a really GREAT piece of software. Money well spent.

February 03, 2001

I would like to express My Thanks to Jos. Not only is the PES2CARD GREAT!!!!!!!!!! The after sales and care [if you should need it] is just WONDERFUL!!!!! No matter how trivial my enquiry was.

Joy, Dunstable UK
  May 6, 2001

After free firmware update:
Received my Pes2card and it works great thank you for your hard work its much appreciated.

Zillah Laheney, Bristol, UK
May 19, 2001

I don't think I've ever had to wait more than a few hours to get a fix from you and that is terrific. Had somone email me this morning about pes2card. It is probably one of the top 5 things I depend on to get my work done and nothing beats it for support or good programming.
Embird is the next program that pops into mind that is a great value and wonderful service. Nothing else compares!

May 26, 2001

Thank you for your most excellent service in getting my PES2Card up and running.
You were wonderful - and I love the product.
Thank you so much for all your help.

Felicity Wellings
Nov 7, 2001

... If you are looking for something to get designs to your machine than check out the PES2Card, amazing box or magic box. The amazing box or magic box comes with a blank card, but it is limited to writing 6 designs to the blank card. The PES2Card doesn't come with a blank card, but you can use almost any Amazing Designs card, Brother card 57, Brother card 62 and some of the Baby Lock cards and read the designs to your computer, then use the card to re-write over. I had an amazing box and now have PES2Card, and find that the PES2Card is much more user friendly and the cards that can be used in PES2Card aren't limited to writing 6 designs per card, but by how many stitches the cards hold. The support for PES2Card is great and there is a list set up on Yahoo for the PES2Card. If you are interested in PES2Card I know someone who sells it at a great price!!!

Nov 10, 2001

Dear Sewstuff Staff:

I have received the PES2card and I must say it is a wonderful product. I just could not believe this is to be true. It really does make things much better all the way around. Thank you so much.

I have already recommended this product to a friend who is looking to buy a reader box.

Sally Roberts
Nov 13, 2001

After implementation of her new feature suggestion:

IT's PERFECT! This is so great being able to just put the HUS design disk in, add the entire disk in one stroke and then copy to SHV in a matter of a minute. YOU DID GOOD.

Dec 3, 2001

We 've received your package last Friday.

This weekend, we spent a lot of time with PES2Card which works very well.
This afternoon we have sewn some freebees provided from internet.
All formats, like .hus could be sewn by our Brother PE150 using PES2Card.
It's a pleasure.

Christophe Certoux
Mar 06, 2002

The PES2Card3 solves many of the issues that Pfaff users are facing, reading 7570 cards into the computer, and transferring files without having to use File Assistant or PCD and provided the added convenience of not having to have your computer and sewing machine hooked together. It works just like it promises to do and the support is wonderful. Do I sound happy? I am.

Barbara Gustafson
Mar 24, 2002

Hi! I just received mine and hooked it up. So easy and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the entire card #18 pfaff creative fantasy card d/l to my computer! I have taken some of the designs into various resizing, etc., programs and am just blown away! My 7570 and I are going to have a lot of fun, and my singer xl1000, too. What a treat!It is almost too good to be true- yippee!!! A new toy for less than the new machine, which I can not afford !!
pfaffies rule!
I just LOVE your little miracle worker- I was shouting for joy and having my sons in AWE over it! I have a collection of over 25 Pfaff cards, so I am just thrilled!!!!

marie-elena baker
Jul 8, 2002

FYI - received my PES2Card3 a week or so ago and having a blast! Works wonderfully with Pfaff cards, thrilled to have found it.

Jul 22, 2002

I want to thank you again for making this old lady happy with your PES2Card3. I was able after hanging up with you to look and send the designs that I choose to my computer and change the things that needed changing.

I admire you for you attention that you have given and shown in your product. In the USA most of the time if you purchase a product, and have problems with it, you are really on your own, or you have to bring it into a computer specialist thus costing you more than you have to spend.

Once again thank you for you personal touch in helping get me in the operating mode again !!!

Aug 11, 2002

Jos did it again, with a PES2Card update. Where else can you get support for a product like that, much less for free. My wife and I are proud we selected PES2Card as our first and only reader/writer.

Fred Bigelow
Oct 11, 2002

The PES2Card3 works FANTASTIC with THRED !!!!

I highly recommend it, I bought mine via Thredworks, and received it very quickly from Marion & Alfie !!!

I no longer have to convert my design from .pcs to .hus.

All I do is write it directly to the card using the .thr format !!!

There is no dongle issues to deal with, and there is no high priced software upgrades like the big names have, such as Viking software !!!

If you are considering the PES2Card3, don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed.

The unit is very easy to get installed and working.

Nov 22, 2002

I am ecstatic!!! It reads the Janome 8000 cards and I put the designs on a floppy and put into the Ult 2001 and they are there on my screen. Thank you so very much, and I will work on all aspects of the Pes2card3 now. I am very happy with it.
Margaret (happy Margaret)
Mar 14, 2003

I am so amazed at the incredible job you have done in reading Viking card #25! Congratulations--It is perfect! All the designs are exactly as they should be and all are accounted for. The empty designs in P3 are actually blank P2 where the design has only P1-P3 positions.

Your dedication is evident and one can see that you really want your customers to enjoy the experience. It is so rare to get such service! Thank you for not giving up on my problems and for giving me so much of your precious time! I am sure I will really enjoy all of this once I learn a little more.
With gratitude,

Jan 17, 2004

Just wanted to Thank Jos for yet another brilliant upgrade to his software. Haven't been around for a while and have just bought a Janome 300E. Still got my Brother machines, but when I read all your posts about the ATA I was very interested. I still use my PES2Card3 for my Brother cards, but now I can use it for the new machine. It has really been money well spent, having had PES2Card box from the start and upgrading a while back to PES2Card3. I can only say Thanks for helping in such a positive way to all us sewers out here.

Zillah Laheney, Bristol, UK
Aug 15, 2004

I know I'm preching to the choir here, but I think the PES2Card3 box is great and the help Jos gives is one of the reasons. Before I joined the PES2Card group, whenever I had trouble reading a card (the only problem I've had), I wrote to Jos directly and I never waited more than a few hours before he got back to me and helped me with my problem. He always solved my problem and I think that is remarkable.

Whenever I recommend the PES2Card3 Box, I always brag about the help one gets with this box. It's second to none and I thank Jos for providing it. Since I've joined the PES2Card group, I have seen questions answered and usually by more than one person. This is another reason the box is so great.
This week I had a question of my own about how to install the box on my new computer (as I'd stupidly lost the directions that came with the box). Within hours, there was Jos with the answer. I followed his instructions and soon had my box installed on my new computer.

Pam Parsels
Aug 30, 2004

I love my PES2Card3 box, and have just persuaded a friend, that it is far better than her Magic box. Now she has one, she very much agrees.


Latest User quote

Jan 5, 2005

My hubby gave me a PES2Card3 box for Christmas and I truly love it. I gave my Amazing Design Box to an embroidery friend. If one would do a comparison between the Amazing Design Box and PES2Card3 with time, quality, and quantity verse's dollar, PES2Card3, in the end, is much cheaper.

Sweet Crafty

Jan 11, 2005

The PES2Card is indeed the best kept secret.
Thank you for such a wonderful product. It is without a doublt the BEST product of it's type on the market.

Susan W.
May 11, 2007

I tested PES2Card3 SE on an Intel iMac (Core 2 Duo) using both Parallels Desktop for Mac and Apple's BootCamp.
Parallels was Windows 2000 SP4 and BootCamp is Windows XP SP2.
I am happy to report that PES2Card3 SE works with them both!
It is a tad faster under Windows 2000.

Apple Certified Tech
Jan 15, 2008

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into support for this wonderful hardware! If support for all of our computer peripherals were so thorough, there would be much less hair-pulling and teeth-grinding! Once again, I'm a happy customer!


Jul 23, 2008

Your company has always been great to work with - the best! Would have been nice if all companies were this way. Would have saved me a lot of money years ago before I found your product. As always it is the best.


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