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M4600 interface kit

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The M4600 interface kit is a redeveloped version of Madag part nr 05.970.00. The M4600 interface kit or Madag part nr 05.970.00 is required when you want to connect an Electra 4600 motor with a Passap/Pfaff E6000 console.

M4600 interface kit

The M4600 interface kit contains a PCB + connected flat cable which is equivalent to the Madag part nr 05.963.01, an RJ45 cable + screws to fix the PCB.

All documentation applicable to the 05.970.00 is also applicable to M4600 interface kit.

Madag documentation
Madag Service Electra 4, Mounting instructionsEnglish
Chapter 10, Installing the Interface Board into the E-6000 box 
Madag Service Electra 4, Montage AnleitungDeutch
Kapitel 10, Einbau des Interface in die Electronic-Box der E-6000 
Madag Service Electra 4, Service InstructionsEnglish
Chapter 2, Paragaph 7, VM-Interface circuit board 05.963.01 


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