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E6000Link 3 USB FAQ

  Q: Why is the EL3USB not named EL2USB?
A: Because the EL3USB doesn't look like the E6000Link2 RS232.

Q: What is the functional difference between an E6000Link2 and an E6000Link3?
A: Except USB versus RS232, none; both cables enable you to download and knit interactively.

Q: What are the differences between EL2 and EL3USB, except USB?
A: The EL3USB has one connector less; the EL3USB has no switch; the EL3USB has an improved knitlink arm.

Q: The EL3USB has one connector less; how is that possible?
A: The EL3USB behaves during download as an EL1USB or an E6000link1. These cables have only one DIN connector.

Q: The EL3USB has no switch; how can I switch from download to interactive knitting?
A: For download, you disconnect the E6000 console from the locks. You insert the DIN plug of the EL3USB in the E6000 console. You download to the E6000. You disconnect the EL3USB from the E6000 console. You reconnect the locks to the E6000 console. This procedure is the same as working with a serial or a USB E6000 link 1.
For interactive knitting, you attach the knitlink box to one of the yarn masts and the knitlink arm to the back lock; this is the screenlink functionality of the EL3USB.
The E6000Link2 RS232 has a switch, that can be put in download to the E6000 console postion, or in interactive knitting position. It is advised, when using the E6000Link2 RS232, to set the switch after download immediately back to interactive knitting position.

Q: Can I use any DIN A/B switch to switch the console between the locks and an E6000 link?
A: Theoretically yes. On user request we developed the EL13Sw, a switch that can switch the console between the lcoks and an E6000 Link.

Q: Can I use the EL13Sw for all E6000 cables?
A: You can use EL13Sw for E6000 link 1 USB, E6000 Link 3 USB and E6000 Link 1 serial. EL31Sw is not needed for E6000 Link 2 serial.

Q: Are the problems I can run into when I turn off my computer, while the switch is in download position, resolved in the EL3USB?
A: These problems can no longer happen as the EL3USB takes the place of the locks.

Q: What is improved on the knitlink arm?
A: The magnet is stronger; the arm doesn't bend after mounting; the arm can be adjusted easier.

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