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Data Transfer & E6000 console

Pfaff E6000 Console Passap E6000 Console

Not all E6000 consoles support data transfer. If you have an E6000 console with serial number lower than 6025980, you cannot transfer data to the console. It is possible that the software in the console has ben replaced by a newer version and that your console, despite of a serial number below 6025980, supports data transfer.
You can work out yourself whether the software in your console supports data transfer:
  • Detach the console from the knitting machine
  • Program up to PAT A
  • Press the blank button and after that press 0
  • New software: display shows Error 213
  • Old software: display blinks between PAT A and 0
The memory of most E6000 consoles is limited (8K). It can be rather difficult to knit your patterns. Later versions of the E6000 console are equipped with more memory (32K). This fixes the memory limitation for primarily multi color jacquard patterns. If your E6000 console has a serial number higher than 7037000, you have the bigger memory fitted.

All consoles can be upgraded with both extensions.

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