Knit and Sew

DesignaKnit & USB

  DAKUSB2 is a device that enables you to use your existing DesignaKnit serial cable to connect to a USB port on your PC.


DesignaKnit Versions
DesignaKnit 6 (6.11 and higher)DesignaKnit 7 (7.13 and higher)DesignaKnit 8

Operating Systems
Windows 98Windows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 2008Windows 7Windows 8 & 8.1Windows 2012Windows 10

Serial9 pin male RS232 connector
USBSeries A USB connector + USB extension cable

Cables Supported
ProductDescriptionKnitting machines
BL1Brotherlink 1KH940, KH950i
BL2Brotherlink 2KH965i (discontinued, use BL5)
BL3Brotherlink 3PPD
BL4Brotherlink 4KH965, KH270 (interactive only)
BL5Brotherlink 5KH970, KH965i, KH930
SL3Silverlink 3PE1
EL1E6000 link 1E6000
EL2E6000 link 2E6000
SLScreen linkpunch card & non-electronic machines


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