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DesignaKnit USB Cables - FAQ

Q: Where can I buy a DesignaKnit USB link?
A: For Dutch users: from your DesignaKnit reseller.
For the rest of the world: please contact Soft Byte.
Q: DesignaKnit needs a com port for communication with the knitting machine; what do I need to do for Brotherlink USB?
A: The Brotherlink USB package contains a CD with drivers. These drivers create a virtual com port. You specify this virtual com port in DesignaKnit.
Q: How do I find the virtual com port?
A: Use the test program to verify your DesignaKnit USB link works. This way you also work out what the virtual com port is.
Q: Can I connect the BrotherLink USB to a hub?
A: Yes
Q: Can I leave the BrotherLink USB connected during interactive knitting?
A: Yes, this is the same as for the serial cables, except in the case of some machines, like the Brother KH970 for example.
Q: Are the magnets still needed to record a carriage pass?
A: Only one magnet is needed. You attach the magnet to the carriage like with the BrotherLink 5. No magnet needed for the Brotherlink 1.
Q: Can the BrotherLink USB transfer patterns directly from my PPD cartridges direct to DesignaKnit?
A: No, you still need a Brotherlink 1 USB or a Brotherlink 3 USB or a Brotherlink5 USB and a PPD. "Cartridge" however, can be connected directly to the PC, without a PPD in the middle.
Q: Can I still use the garter carriage with the BrotherLink USB?
A: Yes, no change.
Q: Can I use the knitlink arm with the garter carriage?
A: Yes, the knitlink arm is still available. Actually, there is one included with the Brotherlink 5 USB. It is not the same as the magnet you attach to the tripper.
Q: Can I use the BrotherLink USB for my Silver Reed machine?
A: Not really. If you use the EC1/PE1, you can use the screenlink USB. The Silverlink 4 is the better solution.
Q: If I have multiple knitting machines and multiple Brotherlinks, is the com port always the same?
A: No, every Brotherlink USB has its own com port and, once installed, the com port stays the same.
Q: Do I have to connect the BrotherLink always to the same physical com port on my PC/portable?
A: Windows assigns during the installation a com port to a BrotherLink USB. This is a virtual port!
Q: Do I have to replace the drivers of the BrotherLink USB with every update of DesignaKnit?
A: The drivers for the Brotherlink USB are independent of DesignKnit. DesignaKnit doesn't know they exist. DesignaKnit thinks there is a real com port.
Q: Is de BrotherLink USB compatible with the Lace Tool?
A: The BrotherLink USB cables are equally compatible with the Lace Tool as their serial counterparts.
Q: I own a Brother 940; when knitting jersey, I need to set the machine to KC; is this the same with the BrotherLink 1 USB?
A: Yes.
Q: I need to detach the Brotherlink 5 cable from the console of my Brother KH970 during interactive knitting. Is this the same for the BrotherLink 5 USB?
A: Yes.
Q: What is an E6000 Link 3 USB?
A: An E6000 Link 3 USB provides the download functionality of the E6000 link 1 USB and the interactive knitting functionality of the Screenlink USB. For download DesignaKnit thinks the serial E6000 Link 1 is attached, for interactive knitting DesignaKnit thinks the serial E6000 link 2 is attached.
Q: Why is there no E6000 Link 2 USB?
A: There are two main reasons:
1. the switch is confusing and quite often in the wrong position
2. cost of manufacturing and as such end user cost.
Q: Can you tell me where I can buy a DIN A/B switch?
A: You can purchase the EL13Sw from your reseller.

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