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The Brotherlink 7 USB (BL7USB) is a cable to connect the Brother FB100 disk drive to a USB port of your computer. Using FB100 Utility, the driver program of the Brotherlink 7 USB, you can read and write the contents of Brother Pattern Disks. You can also format disks.

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BL7USB IKBL7USB with Interactive knitting
BL7USBBL7USB without Interactive knitting
Knitlink ArmUpgrade kit to convert a BL7USB into a BL7USB IK

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FB100 Utility FB100 Utility Documentation

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FB100 Utility provides the following functions:
  • Read a Brother Pattern Disk and store the contents in a file on your computer
  • Write a Brother Pattern Disk from a file stored on your computer
  • Format a Brother Pattern Disk
  • Extract the patterns from a Brother Pattern Disk and store them as DesignaKnit PAT files on your computer
  • Show pictures of patterns on a track (color and grey scale).
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  1. Backup: you don't have to worry anymore about the fact that your disks might fail. Their contents is stored safely on your computer. You can save the contents rather easy to a CD ROM.
  2. Documentation: you can find the pattern you want to knit very easy by browsing the pictures on your computer. You don't have to ask yourself the question: where is the bit of paper I wrote the contents of the disk on?
  3. Make copy: when you want to provide someone with a copy of a Brother Pattern Disk, you can create a new disk from the file stored on your computer.
  4. In case one of your disks develops a defect, you just create a new disk with the same contents.
  5. You can format disks on your computer.
  6. DesignaKnit users can import the pattern files in DesignaKnit.
  7. A DesignaKnit user can deploy the BL7USB as a Screenlink, given the user has a Knitlink Arm.
  8. Print a catalog of the patterns on a track (color and grey scale).
  9. Print pattern (color and grey scale).
  10. ...
Click on the picture below for the pdf file or here for the greyscale variant.

Design Catalog

Click on the picture below for the pdf file or here for the greyscale variant.


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