Knit and Sew

Cartridge - Create floppy backup

  These instructions are based on the KH-940. Some small changes are requitred to adapt these instructions for use with other knitting machines.

Transfer floppy with patterns to PC

Load floppy onto Cartridge
The cartridge can be loaded in the PPD from a floppy in the Floppy Disc (FB-100)
Connect the Floppy Disc to the PPD.
Connect the PPD to the TV.
Turn on TV, Floppy Disc and PPD.
The PPD will start up.
Press STEP and another STEP.
Maybe you need to set the mode in the PPD (KH-940 = mode 1)
Pick option 5 + STEP
Pick option 3 + STEP
Enter the track number; f.e. 1 or 2 or an other + STEP -> Floppy Disc reacts by flashing the red light.
The display shows: wait
The display shows: ready -> STEP
Turn ofd the PPD.
The Cartridge is loaded with patterns. The patterns can be transferred to the PC by connecting the Cartridge to the PC using the USB cable.

Load Cartridge onto PC
Install Cartridge Utility (only once needed).
Connect the Cartridge to the PC -> you wil get an additional om port (this can take a while).
Start Cartridge Utility.
Select the new com port by clicking on it and press OK.
Press Read
128 Blocks will be loaded numbered 1 t/m 128 (you can follow this on screen); this process is slow!
When loading is finished, the next window shows up.
Assign a filename to the object and press Save.
A new window is displayed; press option Edit.
Yet another window follows; press Open. Select the filename entered earlier and press Open.
In the table you will see "Page 1"; clikc on Page 1.
Two options will become available: Edit and Split.
Press Split. The message "Track contains ..." is displayed; press Yes. A list containing all pattern numbers is displayed (this is called folder).
All windows can be closed now as follows:: Close, Exit and Close

Transfer stored patterns

Write Cartridge to be used in the knitting machine
Start Cartridge Utility.
Select the Cartrdige com port by clicking on the port and press OK.
Press Write.
A Brother Pattern Memory window will be opened. Select the stored floppy; click on the filename and press Open or double click on the floppy filename.
Writing starts automatic (see the red light on the Cartridge).
When writing is completed, the red light is turned off.
Close everything and disconnect the Cartridge.

Load Cartridge onto the knitting machine
Connect PPD (with Cartridge) to the knitting machine
Turn both on.
Transfer the Cartridge using the correct key sequence on the console of the knitting machine. Do not touch the PPD (programming device).
1. Press the CE key (clear display)
2. Enter command 551 (the knitting machine know that this is load).
3. Press the STEP key
4. For the KH-940, enter the digit 1 for page number.
5. Press the STEP - key. The display becomes blank and all lights are turned off.
The transfer of the data starts now. (the transfer can take 20 - 30 seconds).
6. After the patterns are transferred, you will hear a warning sound; the data in the display is shown again and the lights are turned on.
The patterns are now stored in the knitting machine.

Last Modification: Dec 26, 2006 (c) Copyright 2006, Mevr. Van Kleef & Jos Timmermans